Developing sustainable cities for the future—from Japan to the world.

Making the most of its experience and data collection capabilities, Avant Associates is pursuing a future vision for fully developed cities. Toward this end, it is carrying out surveys and planning related to compact cities, the creation of low-carbon communities, and the revitalization of local economies in order to realize sustainable cities. It is also conducting research on extending the operating life of infrastructure, building national resilience, and creating smart communities with a view to designing safe and comfortable living environments.

Creating projects from the far upstream sources of urban planning and community development.

Based on a comprehensive grasp of market trends at the far upstream sources of business, Avant Associates offers solutions for creating business projects in the fields of urban planning and community, urban, and regional development. It is also helping raise the value of communities by applying its capabilities in facility management and area management. Avant Associates incorporates these achievements and experience into all of its new projects.


Trade Name
Head Office
Akasaka Nakagawa Building 3F, 3-11-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)3-5544-8411 Fax: +81-(0)3-5544-8412
August 5, 1986
50 million yen
Kajima Corporation
First-class Architect No. 26918 issued by Tokyo
Construction Consultant: No.25-8004, City Planning and Local Planning
  • 1. Research, Planning and Design for Urban Planning, Regional Development, Land Use, etc.
  • 2. Research, Planning, Design and Supervision of Urban Redevelopment.
  • 3. Research, Planning, Design and Supervision in the Fields of Medical Care, Education, Information and Communication and Energy Supply, etc.
  • 4. Research, Planning, Design and Supervision of Buildings and Civil Engineering Structures.
  • 5. Business Promotion, Operation, Publicizing, Event Planning and Iimplementation for the Projects Relating to the above.
  • 6. Provision of Consultancy and Information Services for these projects

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