To help cities and communities resolve whatever issues they face, Avant Associates is creating and delivering new projects that offer a wide range of solutions made possible by its think tank and functional platform.

Drawing on its extensive track record and proactive approach, Avant Associates’ think tank responds to the diverse issues confronting cities today by giving effective feedback, generating ideas for solutions, explaining them to the public, and creating and capitalizing on business opportunities.

Research Study
Making the most of its experience and data collection capabilities, Avant Associates is pursuing a future vision for fully developed cities. Toward this end, it is carrying out surveys and planning related to compact cities, the creation of low-carbon communities, and the revitalization of local economies in order to realize sustainable cities. It is also conducting research on extending the operating life of infrastructure, building national resilience, and creating smart communities with a view to designing safe and comfortable living environments.

Policy Recommendation
In search of solutions for today’s crucial issues, Avant Associates’ think tank is collaborating with specialists in research on various themes such as compact cities with comprehensive local healthcare systems based on a future vision of communities in an aging society and development of new industries in connection with medical clusters and the so-called “sixth industrialization of agriculture” in Japan. Avant Associates actively publishes the results of this research in an effort to identify practical applications.

Transmission Of Information
Avant Associates shares information via various media, including seminars, public relations brochures, newspaper articles, and published materials. It also regularly organizes the Avant Forum, which brings together experts involved in leading-edge disciplines to share a wide variety of knowledge and information in order to spark the discovery of new ideas and build broader professional networks.

To solve complex problems in fully developed cities, Avant Associates creates opportunities for people involved in diverse fields to work together to set up and promote all kinds of projects, including industry-academia-government projects and new public initiatives. By setting the stage for these projects to move forward, Avant Associates serves as a hub for effectively forming alliances and technical partnerships with other industries.

Public-private partnership
Municipalities in Japan are directly confronting various problems related to population decline and aging, shrinking budgets, and other factors. Therefore, making more compact cities and adopting public facility management are essential for sustainably running these municipalities going forward. Avant Associates participates in such plans and contributes to the progress of public-private partnerships, including private finance initiatives (PFI) and projects that effectively utilize public real estate, drawing on its extensive experience in a wide range of community development projects.

Area Management
To develop urban areas in the future, area management initiatives will be essential for increasing the value of communities by stimulating their economies, maintaining growth, and ensuring environmental performance and resilience. With this in mind, Avant Associates is managing the Akiba Techno Club, an industry-academia networking group, and promoting various activities in the Takeshiba redevelopment area in Tokyo as well as other locations.

Comprehensive Strength of Kajima
Avant Associates is a member of the Kajima Group. Led by Kajima Corporation, “a company with a vision for all eras,” the Kajima Group is engaged in a broad range of operations spanning from planning and design to maintenance and management in the fields of urban planning, building construction, and civil engineering. Leveraging both its wealth
of expert know-how and wide spectrum of technologies, the Kajima Group has put a system in place for delivering urban-related solutions and creating new projects.